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Sometimes, life can be difficult.

Perhaps you're struggling to overcome the pain of a relationship gone sour, or the trauma of a personal betrayal.

Perhaps you want to be close and feel understood, but too often things escalate and you lash out at those you love. 

Maybe your life is going sideways from too many long work hours, and stress is taking it's toll on your health and your relationship. 

Perhaps your marriage or career is threatened because of secret hookups, gambling, or obsessive online gaming.

Your life doesn't have to be like this. You can have better.

Whether it's from a relationship or something else, pain is a warning that something important needs attention. 

And when pain is repetitive, it's telling you that it's not going to be enough to simply put things back the way they were.

You need more. To heal. To grow. To build a more satisfying life and relationship.

Whatever it's source, pain is your signal telling you that it's time to change something in your life for the better. 

Courageous curiosity about yourself is good for you.

Positive change tends to come to those who ask themselves the hard questions and are willing to work on themselves. 

When you are willing to be curious about yourself - to learn how to relate to yourself in new ways - you improve your chances of creating the kind of life and relationship that you've always wanted.

Ask yourself: "Do I want more of any of the following in my life?"

  • A haven of loving acceptance at home
  • Deepened, open-hearted intimacy
  • A relationship resilient with purposeful love
  • Freedom from past trauma or betrayal
  • Erotic freedom in and out of your bedroom

If you answered "yes" to any of these, perhaps it's time for your next step.

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"Dr. Kisling embodies the highest ideals of clinical excellence. I respect him for his skills and insights, which have helped many men and women find clarity of vision for the course of action they have needed in their lives." 
Rev. Don Hammond
 San Jose, California
​Life can sometimes be difficult.
Love doesn't have to be.

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After 25 years serving the men, women and couples of the Peninsula and Silicon Valley, the time has come to move. My practice in Los Altos closed its doors in the last week of February. Starting in April, my practice will be located in Bellevue, Washington.

If you are seeking a therapist, or wish more information on how to contact me, please click here. Thank you for the good memories of these past years. I am grateful.