Here you are - again. 

You feel disconnected from one another. You want to feel close and be understood, but instead you feel frustrated and disappointed. Perhaps not knowing what else to do, you have descended into prolonged frozen silences. You feel heart-pain from what's missing.

Your closeness, your shared specialness is not what it once was. You miss the haven of connection, the freedom found in each other, the shared sexual abandon. 

Perhaps you've been seeking escape from your relationship pain, and you're realizing that it doesn't work too well. You're tired of fighting over long work hours or too much alcohol. You're fed up with hiding your porn use, having cyber-affairs, or cruising for stranger-sex. 

Pain in a relationship is a warning that something needs attention. When it's repetitive, it's telling you that it's not enough to try to put things back the way they were. That you need more. To heal. To grow. And build a relationship that is more satisfying.

Great, lasting relationships result when desire meets commitment and curiosity - when you are willing to honestly and openly learn about your partner and yourself in new ways. When you do this, you can create the kind of relationship you've always wanted:

  • use conflict to build deep, open-hearted communication
  • replace bedroom alienation with meaningful connection
  • make your relationship resilient with purposeful love
  • discover new levels of erotic emotional freedom
  • put the pain of stubborn problems and hurts behind you

​Life is sometimes difficult. Love shouldn't have to be. If you are ready to create the kind of relationship that you've always wanted, call 650-948-2701 to book a FREE 20-minute phone consultation. It's confidential, and there is no obligation.
Life is sometimes difficult. Love shouldn't have to be.

Jeffrey Kisling, Ph.D., MFT 
relationship rescue - men - women - couples - individuals

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Call 650-948-2701
Jeffrey Kisling, Ph.D., MFT
111 Main Street, Suite 5
Los Altos, California 94022

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